They discuss the possibility that octopuses come from space – teach me about science

They discuss the possibility that octopuses come from space – teach me about science

The origin of life on Earth has been a really controversial issue, and religion has had an influence on it. Science, for its part, has postulated various theories, which suggest that life may have come from another part of the universe in meteorites and upon arrival found optimal conditions for flourishing.

This doesn’t tell us how it started, or where it came from, but it does give us an overview of the possible reasons why we are here.

As far-fetched as the theory may seem, it must be disproved in order to stop being one of many possibilities and for this reason, as strange as it may sound and unlike the “space kettle” example…

Not so long ago, an article was published with decades of information, which caused an uproar due to the nature of his approaches. The article is titled “The Cause of the Cambrian Explosion – Earth or Cosmic?”.

Although rich in references and peer-reviewed, it offers approaches that are somewhat far from what is currently believed.

Scientist Stephen Fleischfriesser gives us a closer look at two of the most famous scientists involved in the article: Edward Steele and Chandra Wickramasinghe.

On the other hand, Steele posits evolution as the acquisition of genetic changes determined by the influence of the environment rather than just random mutations, as Metamarianism calls it.

On the other hand, Wickramasinghe confirms Fred Hoyle’s hypothesis about the production of organic carbon particles from star dust.

The problem of studying comet biology and the work involved in it is that evolution was influenced by the fact that the biochemistry thus described for the formation of the first amino acids did not occur on Earth.

Wickramasinghe states that “Comets are the carrier and distributor of life in the universe, and that life on Earth originated and evolved as a result of the contributions of comets.” However, his approach goes beyond just a few amino acids that have been put into space and sent back to Earth, but states that it is possible that viruses and even complex cell forms such as a eukaryotic cell have arrived here on Earth and without further ado. The right conditions could have spread.

Rain from the retroviruses whose arrival is suggested plays a fundamental role in this, as it was stated to be the cause of the great diversity of life, as it has been influencing evolution for about 500 million years.

This was achieved by attaching bits of genetic material to life on Earth.

The group of cephalopods that appear in the oceans at that time, they do not say had changed in such a way that it branched out into many species of different shapes and sizes in a short period of time. Alternatively, their complete genomes in eggs may have reached what they describe as “ice fireballs several hundred million years ago,” believing that not only could life have had an extraterrestrial origin, but that truly complex forms could have come with it. .

These arguments are as valid as any arguments and there is always the possibility of overcoming the imagination and perhaps discovering in the future that many of these facts have a certain truth. At the moment, it is worth highlighting the interesting nature of the topic and the greatness of the research conducted.

It’s really an interesting article published in the magazine Advances in Biophysics and Molecular Biology.

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