They managed to jailbreak PlayStation 5 using PS4

They managed to jailbreak PlayStation 5 using PS4

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picture: Sony / Kotaku.

piratesThey were hangs out PS5 for about a year, and it looks like they’ve finally been able to jailbreak PS5 hardware. 2020 with a new exploit at the kernel level discovered for the first time on PS4. Although it does not allow access to run certain types of code, the exploit made it possible for at least one person to run the same type.moral show From the silent Hill by Hideo kojima PTon your PlayStation 5And it could potentially have huge repercussions as more people explore this jailbreak.

Exploit the kernel IPV6 from playstation 5which was discovered by the so-called “God of Hacking” PlayStation “Andy” TheFloW “Nguyen in Septemberyou now have a way to implement it, as I explained in Tweet recently andHacker SpecterDev. It is based on a previously known security vulnerability in Webkit, a technology .’s web browser Play Stationwhich works on keyboards PS5 with firmware 4.03 and possibly older versions as well.

The exploit works by making the PS5 access a web server hosted on a local computer that has the SpecterDev hack app. Seems to work around 30%. of time, giving users access to console debugging mode and thus allowing them to run programs outside of what Sony originally intended.

Here is a demo of the new exploit:

“This exploit gives us read/write access, but the access is not executed,” according to the hack blog report. from keyboards This means that there is no possibility of loading and executing binaries currentlyEverything is restricted within the scope of the ROP chain. However, the current application enables debugging configuration. “

However, the initial exploit was enough to allow an expert to enter Evil spiritsLance MacDonald, pinning the summary . game deserted ps4 horror, PTwhich is not officially supported PS5:

TheFloW discovered the IPV6 webkit exploit two years ago on PS4. Found it back on PS5 and reported it to Sony in January 2022. “It looks like your patch was somehow rolled back when you made the migration from FreeBSD9 to FreeBSD11.recently said Motherboard. After that, TheFloW received a reward of 10.000 doLares Sony and weakness been detected Posted on HackerOne on September 20, 2021.

Since then, others in the pirate community PlayStation is working on ways to exploit the vulnerability to release both PS5 on disk as a copy Fully digital. Console makers are trying to keep their systems partially closed to prevent hacking, and that’s a possibility Jailbreak To be just the beginning of that hackers Create loopholes in this security.

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