They reveal the team that Messi plans to retire from and invest a million

They reveal the team that Messi plans to retire from and invest a million

Lionel Messi’s first season in France is about to end with a bittersweet taste for the joy of winning his first title outside of Spain, but in the midst of a hostile climate encouraged by the PSG main bar.

The Argentine was the main target of criticism after being eliminated in the round of 16 of the Champions League by Real Madrid, a white return in which only Kylian Mbappe agreed. This heavy atmosphere has triggered a series of rumors about La Bolga’s return to Barcelona which, although ruled out by the president, have recently been bolstered by his father, Jorge Messi.

Leo left the culé about a year ago, but in Barcelona he left property that his father personally managed. Whether for personal reasons, convenience or family reasons, the Messi family frequents that city in Spain, even with the Argentine star playing in France.

On the last occasion the father of one of the best players in the world set foot in Barcelona, ​​she was called by journalist Gerard Romero in the airline lounge of El Prat de Llobregat. The caller asked frankly: “Will Messi play for Barcelona again one day?” , Jorge also answered him without hesitation and as he got into the car to leave that place.

“I hope, I hope one day,” Akbar Messi replied as he put the bags in the car. The said video from the airport went viral thanks to the post by Twitch channel Jijantes, who is a half supporter of Barça.

Other plans

Apart from this desire to return, which the player himself accepted because of his love for the Barcelona shirt, the economic situation and the Argentine contract at Paris Saint-Germain prevent us from thinking that any other team in the world would consider making an initial offer any more. who took him to Paris.

If Messi leaves the French national team, it will be the choice of the team that will burn his last cartridges before retiring and be able to enjoy the fortune that football has given him with his family. Alex Kandel, an Argentine journalist from DirecTV Sports, confirmed that Lionel’s plans are not even aimed at Europe, Well, he was seduced for a while by the millionaire that MLS offered him before hanging up his boots.

Lionel Messi has been criticized for being disqualified from the Champions League at the Santiago Bernabeu Photo: DeFodi Images via Getty Images

Inter Miami, the club that belongs to former England player David Beckham, will be number one in a final decision by Messi to land in the United States. What is new, which has already been repeated in the Spanish and French media, is that the ten will not only arrive as a player, but will also do so through an investment to buy 35% of the shares of the team in which his team is currently playing. His compatriot Gonzalo Higuain.

The Miami team is not new, it is a dream that Beckham and his team have been working on for several years. “I am optimistic that Messi will play in the Inter Miami shirt because I believe he will complete the legacy of the best player of our generation and fulfill the aspirations of the Inter Miami owners to build a world-class team,” George said last year. Maas, the manager and right-hand man for the Englishman at Inter.

The main obstacle is that Leo has a contract with PSG until the end of the 2023 season and they and his family believe it is best to fulfill it so that there are no obstacles when making a decision such as going to the United States, Although Messi himself has already come forward and has a property in his name in a Florida city.

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