They warn that advertisers are looking for a way to “inject” ads into people while they sleep



November 23, 2021 16:24 GMT

The researchers argue that legal restrictions should be placed on companies seeking to enrich themselves through this technology.

An international group of researchers recently published in the journal Aeon a Test They warned that specialists in “marketers” are planning to “hack” people’s dreams and insert advertisements into them in the coming years.

Scientists cite Report “The Future of Marketing 2021” by the American Marketing Association in New York, which found that out of more than 400 “marketers” from companies across the United States, 77% wanted to implement sleep technology for advertising.

Multiple ‘Marketing’ studios are testing new ways to do this Changing shopping behavior and driving it through sleep “The commercial and profitable use of dream incubation, the presentation of stimuli before or during sleep to influence sleep content, has become a reality,” the team wrote.

Some advertisers, for their part, have already run the experiment. This is the case for a multinational advertising campaign Molson Kors Drink On the eve of the 2021 Super Bowl. The company promised people free beer in return for participating in a “Nursery of Dreams” study that included a video of dancing beer cans, talking fish, and pop star Zayn Malik.

“Embracing the Direct Dream”

The researchers emphasized the fact that Molson Coors used the phrase “guided dream nursery,” a term coined in Article – Commodity for 2020 by two of the three authors of the last article, implying that advertisers are familiar with the academic work on dream hacking.

While dream nursery has practical uses (such as treating PTSD), scientists believe it is important that it be established. Legal restrictions For companies that intend to enrich themselves through this technology.

“The announcement of Kors’ Dream was not just a deceptive ‘marketing’ campaign; it was a sign that what used to be science fiction could quickly become reality,” add the researchers, warning that we are on a “slippery slope.” They stress that “where we move and at what speed depends on the actions we choose to take to protect our dreams.”

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