This gamer cleaned his computer for the first time in 6 years and showed why he never repeated his mistake

via the Reddit forumsThe user shows his experience afterwards Not cleaning your computer in six yearsleaving it as a bastion of dust, and displaying a strange image to remind us why we should clean our computer at least once a month.

The user when sharing the photo states that it is “shameful”, despite so much dust building up in his locker, he comments that his computer It still works perfectlywhich is curious because we think that given the conditions it’s in, it would question its operation.

It is worth noting that too much dust build-up in the PC cabinet can cause the device to overheat by blocking the ventilation holes on some occasions. Without giving up the health risks of having such a large concentration of particles.

If you have a computer, you should know that if you experience occasional drops in FPS in your games, it may be because dust buildup is preventing the CPU and GPU from cooling, limiting their performance so they don’t overheat. Therefore it is recommended to give it maintenance at least once a month.

Among the common tools for this type of maintenance, many use cans of compressed air to sweep out as much dust as possible with pressure, but it would always be best to approach someone trained in maintenance.

There are often strange cases like this on Reddit, for example this guy who bought his life on Amazon, or this guy who almost burned down his house when upgrading his computer.

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