This is how one of the most anticipated modes of the app works

This is how one of the most anticipated modes of the app works

Google is confirming an improvement in Google Maps’ Bicycle Mode, which will now provide more details about trails so cyclists can pedal more safely and with more information.

It’s been two years since Google introduced The “bike mode” by mapsalthough the truth is that the majority of bicycle enthusiasts, as well as other fans who use this mode of transportation to move around the city, We’ve been asking for improvements in Google Maps for cycling trails for a long time Whether in urban areas or outside the city.

It seems that in Mountain View, although in a very secretive way, they have managed to meet the challenge, by following the path of 9to5Google Now we can Make sure that Google Maps has already greatly improved the placement of bicyclesprovides more detailed information on bike paths now that these vehicles are used “Increased by more than 40% worldwide”.

Bicycle Google Maps available

Google Maps is essential for optimizing bike paths.

In fact, this is the case with the new features of Google Maps We can compare cycling routes And even get the details and New high-level options how to choose “More bike lanes” If it exists or performs Fewer turns To better calculate our cycling routes.

But let’s not stop here, these All the major improvements announced by Google In their press release:

  • new section “steep climb” Will offer Altimeter chart for the roadthe highest and lowest points will be determined.
  • breasts flights of stairs will appear identified, if located on the road.
  • We’ll see that section “roads” You can provide us now Percentage of bike lanes within the trackknowing firsthand how long we’ll share the road with cars and trucks.
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But not only that, because Google Maps will now also display More specific fine details And a summary of the itinerary section, the ability to know in very detailed details What kind of road are we going to take? In every case and under what circumstances.

sure Important information we all wanted in Google MapsIt took a long time, but it finally came to stay. Gone are the days of pedaling to our destination without knowing in advance if there will be very difficult slopes or if the place will be too crowded with cars.

They say from Google that these new improvements It will arrive in the next few weeks to Hundreds of cities with cycling dataSo, definitely stay tuned for that Soon you will be able to refer in detail to the cycling paths from the maps And without having to leave the mobile.

Google Maps Bike Improvements

This is how some of these improvements for cyclists appear in the Maps app for Android.

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