Tom Holland rewards the boy who saved his sister from a dog attack by turning him into Spider-Man


Bridger Walker was one of the most famous kids in the world in July 2020. The 6-year-old boy saved his younger sister from a brutal attack by a neighbor’s dog, endangering his life. Doctors had to put 100 stitches, many of them on his face and he almost lost his left eye.

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It took a few seconds, and the dog appeared in the garden of the house in Wyoming (USA) and began to attack the 4-year-old girl. Bridger got in the way and was bitten and beaten to protect his little sister. He grabbed her arm as best he could and led her to safety. It saved his life and shook the entire planet.

Bridger’s aunt Nicole Walker told the story on her Instagram account and summoned the Avengers characters to send messages of encouragement to the young hero in his difficult recovery.

Bridger's injuries after a dog attack

Bridger’s injuries after a dog attack


Mark Ruffalo was the first to answer. The actor playing the Hulk dedicated a message to the boy: “People who put the interest of others before their own are the most heroic and thoughtful I know. I respect and appreciate your courage and heart.”

Then came Chris Evans, who sent him a video and a very special gift: “I will know where you live and I will send you a real Captain America shield because you deserve it my friend. You still really are a man. We need it. People like you.”

Bridger received Captain America's shield from Chris Evans

Bridger received Captain America’s shield from Chris Evans


With the improvement of the wound – which covered most of the left side of his face – gifts and invitations piled up. Superhero costumes, the official UFC Champion belt, and even a trip to Abu Dhabi with a visit to the Ferrari Museum and all the luxuries possible.

Best gift, day with spider-man

But amid the mountain of honor that Bridger had received, he had an invitation that many thought they had forgotten. Tom Holland, the actor who gave life to Spider-Man, promised the little boy that he could visit the recording set of the Spider-Man: No Way Home for a private encounter with the fictional hero

No one found out about her time, but the boy went and took part in the practices of one of the scenes of the film. All of those photos have been kept in custody until these days when the movie has already been shown in theaters and its filming may appear.

Robert, the boy’s father, told on social networks what the amazing experience was. He began by saying, “When we got to the set, I was a little worried. I was afraid that the magic of films for children would be lost when they see what happens behind the cameras. But the opposite happened.”

“The entire cast and production made our kids feel like stars. Not only do they act like the friendliest neighborhood heroes, they really are. The expression on the kids’ faces was priceless as we circled around the blue screen to watch. Tom, in full suit and hanging on the lamppost. “.

Bridger with Tom Holland dressed as Spider-Man

Bridger with Tom Holland dressed as Spider-Man

robertwalker307 / Instagram

She added, “It was touching to see him greet the children with such sentiments. Shortly thereafter, Tom and Zendaya (Michelle Jones in the movie) got close. I will never forget the kindness they showed to our children.” Bridger asked if he wanted to be a “reserve” for Zendaya for a trick they were playing.

And this is how Tom and the boy flew through the studio air as the real Spider-Man does. There is no doubt that the boy’s formidable gesture was well rewarded.


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