Travel / Eight Destinations to Celebrate Africa Day (25 May)

Travel / Eight Destinations to Celebrate Africa Day (25 May)

Africa Day is celebrated on May 25th. The origin of this celebration dates back to the 1958 African Nations Conference and its aim is to define the needs that all the countries of the African continent still face, as well as to demand all the social and economic progress that has been achieved, including their liberation from colonialism.

At Alhenamedia, we want to celebrate this day by proposing a journey through Africa, in the most sustainable and responsible way. For this reason, and true to our philosophy, we have prepared for you a selection of travel guides from our Petit Futé collection with some of the least traveled destinations on the African continent. Here are eight suggestions to turn your trip into a unique and immersive experience:


A country of tales and legends, Benin is a country almost unknown to most travelers, despite its occupation of the land of the ancient kingdom of Dahomey, which ruled the entire region for a long time, being one of the most important, along with Gorée, in Senegal and being the cradle of one of the religions or beliefs that crossed the ocean to land In America: Voodoo.

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With a dry climate similar to that of Senegal, Cape Verde is located off the African coast. Featuring impressive Portuguese colonial architecture, it is one of the main attractions in cities such as Mindelo, São Vicente, São Filipe and Fogo. It invites travelers to get acquainted with the multiplicity of its islands, which, due to their peculiarities, offer many interesting sports offers for lovers of water sports.


With the second largest tropical forest in Africa, Cameroon is one of the must-visit destinations for travelers looking to discover and step into the wild nature. With gorgeous mountains, you’ll find chains of inactive volcanoes and beaches of fine sand; But you will also come across a rich history cultivated by its inhabitants and ancestral peoples.

Fes and Meknes

Fez and Meknes are authentic destinations for non-traditional travelers who love Moroccan culture. Located in North Africa, they maintain an impressive architectural heritage among their ancient cities, as well as a living ancestral culture among its inhabitants, which will not go unnoticed.

Gabon, Sao Tome and Principe

A destination that covers more than 80% of its territory in the forest, where the oldest remains of biodiversity on the planet have been found and has the largest elephant population in the world, Gabon and Sao Tome and Principe is an exclusive and must-do destination for travelers who love natural diversity.


In the Soninki language, Ghana means “Warrior King”, formerly known as the Gold Coast, a country known for its beautiful and diverse nature, due to its ancient culture and power. With more than 650 recorded species of butterflies in the famous Kakum National Park, Ghana opens its doors to the sustainable traveler and lovers of natural environments.


An island country that is home to thousands of species of plants and animals in a tropical climate of forests, beaches and coral reefs. With only two stations, it houses more than 100 species of lemurs and other native animals of the island such as the radiating turtle or today’s gecko. Almost half of its territory is covered with tropical forests that shelter 58% of the planet’s animal and plant species, where more than 80% are endemic. An essential destination for travelers who love untamed nature.


Uganda is a destination for anyone who wants to soak up the culture, the wilderness, and the history. Lake Victoria, the source of the Nile River, is located there and is known for hosting nearly 50% of the total mountain gorilla population, and it is an endangered species. Uganda is an exclusive destination with a wide range of mountains for travelers who love hiking and green landscapes.

Another way to travel

Through its guides, Alhenamedia invites you to enjoy a different way of traveling, a philosophy we have been working on since 2007, with the publication of Responsible Tourism: 30 Travel Suggestions, the first sustainable tourism travel guide published in Europe.

We want to make the trip a unique experience that you can enjoy with all five senses. For this reason, our guides stick to what is authentic and different, off the beaten path and frequented by most travelers who always get information the same way; To enrich the traveler by providing all the information needed to get to know the destination and its inhabitants, as well as practical information to take advantage of and enjoy the resources of the area like a true local; Preserving the social, cultural and natural heritage.

Like all Petit Futé guides, the new titles in the collection include a QR code that allows you to download the digital version as PDF or ePUB absolutely free.

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