Twitter’s new feature to exit conversations

Twitter’s new feature to exit conversations

This often happens in Twitter You have mentioned in a series of tweets that the number of notifications has become unbearable or that you simply no longer want to be involved in said conversation. This is why Twitter is about to release a file new job Which you can stop mentioning: Monotheism.

According to Dominic Camusi, one of its designers and privacy strategies expert, this new functionality will allow you to stop being reminded at the exact moment after receiving a notification from the user or in the context of tweets, once you no longer see the meaning of what they’re doing. We’re talking about.

Photo: Twitter.

Unlike the option where you specify your followers can or cannot reply to your tweets, which can only be done before you send them, with Unmention, you can deactivate it as soon as you see fit.

This feature will come in handy when you encounter one of these users causing problems. When you mention one of these, and in case you don’t follow along, a special notification will appear and simply exit. In such a way that the other user will not discover it, but will not be able to mention you again.

Unmention: Twitter's new function to exit conversations

Photo: Twitter.

Unmention is part of a series of updates launched by Twitter to improve its service and the experience of its users. from his copy blue In which you can edit tweets in exchange for a plus service, go to their conference rooms and even the option to tip certain creators.

Now the social network will wait for the feedback to see the response of the users who tweet.

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