Listen to WhatsApp voice notes before sending them with this simple trick


WhatsApp, which already allows Change the speed of voice memos, still doesn’t allow a fairly basic functionality that Telegram has had for a while: Listen to audio recordings or voice memos before sending them. It usually doesn’t hurt to review what the other person has to say to avoid problems, so we will give you a solution so that you can perform this process in a simple way.

To listen to WhatsApp audios before sending them, it is not necessary to install anything or perform any additional configuration: There is a simple trick that allows us to do just that As often as we want, even if WhatsApp does not have this function officially.


Listen to the audio notes before sending them on WhatsApp


There is a simple trick to Listen to WhatsApp audios before sending them to our contacts. With it, we can listen to the audio as many times as we want, although not modify it or continue to record from it. We’ll make the sound stay Suspension, waiting to be shipped.

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The first thing you need to do is open the conversation and hold the microphone button to send the audio. You can send audio as normal, with the button pressed or with a lock so that it stays alone. Once the audio is recorded, You’re going to the phone office, by pressing the home button or swiping if you have gesture control.

IMG 5660

This is what it will look like when the audio pauses to listen.

It is important to perform the gesture While pressing the record buttonBecause if you drop it, you will send it. right Now, Open WhatsApp again. If you perform the operation correctly, the voice message will be saved in the application, so you can listen to it again, delete it or send it permanently to your contact. Briefly:

  • You open the WhatsApp application
  • You record the audio in the conversation with your contact
  • You hold down the record button
  • back to the office
  • You open WhatsApp again

This is a fairly simple but effective trick. Works with both iPhone and Android Since then, when you return to the desktop, WhatsApp pause sound If we keep the record button, it will not erase it.

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