UCAM celebrates the coming of Christmas with the traditional Murcia-San Javier Christmas Carol Competition

The joy of the coming of Christmas filled the Catholic University Temple in the traditional Christmas carol competition. More than twenty groups of students, staff, and family members put their voices and talents to interpret typical Christmas melodies, such as “Silent Night,” “Campana Sobre Campana,” and “El Chiricrín.” International students from countries such as Uganda, France, Italy and Ukraine also participated, covering tunes for “Holy Night” or “Last Christmas”, among others. As usual, the interpretation of Christmas carols by students of the Social and Labor Inclusion Program for Persons with Disabilities, UCAMPACITAS, was one of the competition’s most anticipated and acclaimed due to its originality.

The event, organized by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for University Counseling and Priest Service at UCAM, managed not only to fill the church with joy, joy, hope and illusion, but also the hearts of all the people who attended to celebrate the coming of Christmas.

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