Ugandan athlete flees Tokyo 2020 to find work in Japan; The authorities have already found it


Julius Sekitoliko had intended to seek a better life in Japan, but the Tokyo 2020 authorities had other plans for him.

According to the information released, Sekitoliko left Izumisano Olympic Village in Osaka Prefecture last Friday, and left Behind him is a letter explaining that he will try to find a job in the “Land of the Rising Sun” given that the living conditions in his country were very difficult.

This action raised the alarm for Izumisano’s authorities and the Ugandan team, who began searching for him throughout the city. Police found the 20-year-old weightlifter five days later, walking in central Mie Prefecture.

Photo: juliusssekitoleko (Instagram)

The Ugandan Embassy in Japan said in a statement that any issues related to the alleged flight from duty that prompted him to perform in Japan and the disappearance of associated training, will be dealt with appropriately upon his return.

The mayor of Izumisano said at a press conference that Cikitoliko intends to stay after his arrest and that Tokyo calendar 2020 is fulfilling, But the heads of the sports delegation of his country “convinced” him to return to Uganda.

Anyway, Ssekitoleko and his coach were supposed to go home next Friday because the powerlifter did not qualify for the in-house powerlifting competition. Tokyo 2020 calendar.

Foto: Kyodo News


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