USA beat Mexico U-20 in Women’s Black Cup

The Mexico national under-20 women’s team She fell by a landslide 3-0 against his counterpart United State During the second day of the group stage of the tournament Southern Women’s CupThe meeting took place on Sunday at the Stade de l’AtrĂ© de Tassigny, in France.

The US team managed to open the scoring in the first half after scoring in the 15th minute thanks to a shot in the middle of the goal, with permission from Ayeluwa OK.

The damage continued toward the supplemental portion and during the final phase of the match, as the United States finished the match thanks to two goals in the 80th and 86th minutes; Trinity Bears And Jaden Shaw, respectively, put the final account of the tie to reach six units and seize the leadership of the group.

The woman sees, ruthlessly in the first trial against Peru

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The woman sees, ruthlessly in the first trial against Peru

The ones he drives Maribel DominguezOn the other hand, it has managed to stay in third place in the sector with France taking first place in this sector and the Netherlands being ranked last.

Mexico’s debut in this women’s event was last Wednesday, June 22, specifically against the Dutch, who were able to beat him by the slightest difference thanks to America’s goal Andrea Frias at 90 + 4.

The Next commitment to the women’s trio under 20 years It will be before anything like that France next Tuesday June 28sharp at 2:00 pm.

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