Verdansk nuclear bombs are fired early, but do not explode on the ground


Imagine that you are playing softly Call of Duty: A War ZoneAnd penetrate the length and width of the map and kill the rest of the players. Everything is normal, until you look up and see a huge missile heading towards the ground. The end is near.

This is what we all believe, and with good reason. Especially if we take into account that they are nuclear bombs and weapons of mass destruction. However, users of the title have scored which scenes These missiles do not explode and the result is hilarious.

Verdansk was officially bombed

But what is the cause of all this? A mistake, since the next nuclear event War zone It will not happen officially, Only after two weeks. Despite this, blast animation has been played out in some games.

Not only can you see the warhead itself flying and falling visually (without actually detonating), you can also see the warheadAnd listen to recorded dialogues between Russian operators. It all seems related to the massive zombie outbreak that has appeared on the map Verdansk.

To eradicate such a plague, bombing appears necessary, they point out The latest leaks. All this will happen April 22At this point we hope, this time, the missiles will do their job.

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