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Mexico City. – Vicente Fernandez He passed away at the age of 81, and social networks have requested that he be “Chente del Oxxo” It appears in his autobiographical series Netflix, despite the fact that the production company had already chosen Jaime Camil as the protagonist of the story.

The series will consist of 36 chapters In total it will have locations in Mexico and the United States as locations. The singer will count his childhood years to the height of his career, but even so Jaime Camil has already uploaded pictures In which it sounds like “Charro de Huentitán”, on the Internet they want a chance for “Chente del Oxxo”.

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Who is Chente del Oxxo and why are they asking for it on Netflix?

In 2018, Raul Uribe went viral For some of the videos where he is seen singing, and appreciate his great physical and vocal resemblance to the great exponent of ranchera music, Vicente Fernandez.

Originally from Los Mochis, Raul worked as a cashier at Oxxo He has a great talent for singing, which is why he moved to Guadalajara, Jalisco with the intention of entering the world of entertainment and mariachis, which he admitted was his dream.

Unfortunately, “Chente del Oxxo” was tricked by a Los Angeles radio show that called him on the phone and claimed that a Vicente Fernández impersonator had invited him to his farm, but it was all a joke.

The Chente del Oxxo has experienced waves of adversity

On his trip to Guadalajara, he “Chente del Oxxo” He said he left the stage after being deceived by his supposed manager, who forced him to give him half of the income he earned. This drove him to despondency and had to seek legal assistance to allow him to earn money for his talent.

While everything was going well, he and his partner resorted to selling tamales and other things for income.

However, he still has the support of networks, as they confirm that Chente del Oxxo is more like Vicente Fernández than his children.

His resemblance is so great that when he was working at Oxxo he got the Vicente Fernández album and used it as a publicity stunt.

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