Video | Asensio’s three strikes to win the Dominican Republic


Veteran Jairo Asensio hit the three hits he faced in the Dominican Republic’s last game, which beat Canada 6-5, in two saves in pre-Olympic baseball, for a ticket to the Olympic Games, Tokyo 2020.

The brilliant work of Asensio gave victory to Rafael-Jumbo-Diaz. With the victory, the local forces secured a place in the qualifiers to be held in Puebla Mexico and take a look at the result of the second match of the day between the United States and Venezuela.

If the American team wins, they advance directly to the continental competition, but in the event that they are Venezuelans, there is a three-way tie for first place, between them and the Dominicans, which will be determined by the TQB system, where the team is well placed by having a difference of +8 against +2 for the US and -10 for Venezuela. That match will be tonight, starting at 7:00.

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