Video: Frank Velasquez breaks it off with a new title in California: ‘It’s a good year’

Video: Frank Velasquez breaks it off with a new title in California: ‘It’s a good year’

The beach team was a championship champion in the United States as part of their tour, breaking the net with five goals. Awards Irresistible Frank Velasquez

Once again, the beach Frank Velasquez Glossy as usual. Went to the United States to participate in the tournament 2022 Oceanside Beach Soccer ChampionshipOn the sands of California. This event is known for its regional competitiveness and that Beach Soccer Worldwide (BSWW) He takes a high position for his professionalism, and there he was crowned a champion.

The word title was already marked in the player’s life from Barreño, who took the title while playing for the team Go beach soccer He played the final against his former team, Florida PSG. In the final, Frank scored one goal and reached five in the event, being top scorer although his position was more defensive as a winger.

Frank Velasquez and Agustin Ruiz will strengthen the team in the United States

They won the championship title 4-3, in a tournament in which there were six teams and Frank played four matches. The Salvadoran realized that it was a complex tournament.

“The tournament was more difficult, because the teams were more prepared. It cost us more, but we had players in the World Cup like Nick Pereira – the top scorer for the USA – and me and a Brazilian named Thiago”he said to Kancha.

El barreño Velásquez (first on the right, below), with the Go Beach Soccer team, in California. Photo: Courtesy of Frank Velasquez

“This is one of the hardest tournaments here in the States, because it’s an official tournament. But I’m very happy, because I won another tournament. It’s the second I’ve won here, and that helps me a lot. Now, I just have to travel to Virginia, which is the other very good tournament in I am also very happy to win another title.”Frank repeated.

Thus, the selected player has a good 2022, as he played in January in Florida and lifted the singles cup as a net breaker and puck with his team. In the same week, he will play in Virginia (10 to 12), and Salvadorans will be there too Elodoro Portillo, “Tin” Ruiz and Hubert Ramos.

Medal earned by Frank in the sands of California. Photo: Courtesy of Frank Velasquez

“I started by winning my first title of the year in January. I think this year has been very good for me, because this is my third title: I won in Miami, in El Salvador and now I’m winning here, in California. First of all, my God, I am I’m fine in Virginia Beach with my teammates Leo, Tin and Heber, for another title in my career,” the scorer confirmed. Sand success.

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