Video: When Selecta played against Boca Juniors in 1982


El Salvador played against Xeneize before the last FIFA World Cup they attended, and Diego Maradona was the ultimate champion. Watch the goals

January 6, 1982, the national football team savior He faced Atletico Boca Juniors in Los Angeles, USA. This is how “Play & Rec Sports”, a film initiative with many archives, remembers it Choose From the old days.

Boca, according to the source consulted, was on tour against rivals from Asia and Central America.

Selecta at that time was already ranked for the 1982 World Cup in Spain, and that, having successfully completed their tasks in November 1982, achieved the classification with Honduras and left Mexico.

Two goals from Maradona served Boca to defeat the national team in that match he remembered. Many say it was the first time Diego had faced El Salvador, and then they would face each other again in the World Cup.

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This is how the teams lined up on that occasion according to the prestigious and historical Argentine magazine El Gráfico:

Savior: Mora, Castillo, Jovel, Rodríguez, Recinos, Cisneros, Rugamas, Huezo, Ventura, E. Hernández, M. González. Fagoaga, M. Alfaro and D. Cabrera entered the stock exchange.

Boca: Gatti, Alves, Ruggeri, Muzo, Cordoba, Benitez, Krasowski, Zanabria, Garica, Maradona and Perotti.

Selecta was coached by the great Salvador Mariona, the Mexico 70’s World Cup player. While Xeneize was mentored in that match by legend Vladislao Cap, who died the same year.

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