Megan Rapinoe pushes to stop NFL chief’s comeback as ‘caveman’


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Megan Rapinoe He returned to the battlefield. The American player is already a global icon due to her involvement in various issues. Her struggle for LGTBI rights and her demands for recognition and equal treatment for women’s football are some of the fronts she has been seen on. After a while away from the spotlight, I’m ready to revive the most combative stance to avoid it Carlos Corderowho is considered an object”Caveman‘, once again became the president of football in the United States.

The struggle with the former boss Started in 2019 The complaint of the players of the American football team against the Federation itself. A conflict that erupted months ago and crystallized with a complaint of discrimination in the midst of the equal pay controversy with the men’s team (rejected by a judge in 2020). However, Cordero’s career did not change until a year later, when he was forced to resign from his position.

It was March 2020 and the epidemic had already started. Moreover, the legal battle was going on in court. but the Purification From a document he ended up breaking the momentary peace we were living in. The text in question was prepared by the federation and contained explanations of why players charge less than players. Among other things, an attempt was made to justify that men face more complex situations when playing in stadiums in Mexico and other stadiums. South America. Something, according to this theory, the players did not have to live.

In addition, the document also spoke that the boys “a higher level of skill based on speed and strength than the player”, and finally, it was justified that television and advertising revenues were higher on the men’s team than on the women’s team. Other than this last argument, the rest did not have very long and drew criticism from sponsors and players. In the case The latter, from Megan Rapinoe who was able to Bottom Kara Donald Trump.

Cordero, who defended in his day that he did not have complete knowledge of what was contained in the document, had no choice but to resign. Thus, it took a step back in what had been a victory for women’s football in general and for Rapinoe in particular. “The arguments and language in this week’s legal dossier have caused great inconvenience and pain, especially to the extraordinary female players on the women’s national team who deserve better. It was unacceptable and unforgivableCordero said goodbye.

Without him who arrived 2018, Cindy Barlow Kon Happened to him in office. Many spoke that Cordero’s steps would be able to continue to operate in the shadows, but time has shown that he was not. Kuhn became the first woman to hold such a position in the United States and two years later she would have to face her predecessor in the elections.

Carlos Cordero, President of the US Soccer Federation, with Hope Solo


sheep, as stated ESPN, has some support in this sector. Especially from Union voters who didn’t understand some of Kun’s actions. For her part, this has more public support and reviewers such as Megan Rapinoe, who did not hesitate to come out to lobby once they knew the news of it more than the possibility of her nomination. The player, who is able to mobilize and promote messages, has already started her own campaign.

silence after criticism

Rapinoe, who admitted not long ago that she had been considering retirement albeit for a long time, has been out of the spotlight lately. The reason was none other than the criticism she received from an ex-partner like Hope Solo, who accused her of pressuring her in the locker room to perform gestures like kneeling against racism.

He saw Megan Rapinoe She could scare her classmates He got them on their knees because he really wanted to defend something in his own way. But it’s our right as Americans to do it the way we feel comfortable.” goal. A revelation that put the player on the ropes, which is now re-emerging in the media battle to bring down Cordero.

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