Hugo Carrillo reveals the cost of a FIFA date and they will cut the prices of Selecta games


The cost of the camp, the reduction in ticket prices, the image of the selection, as well as the eventual re-election of some members of the Executive Committee were part of the problems addressed by Hugo Carrillo.

head Visfoot, Hugo Carrillo He spoke about a wide range of topics during his participation in the sports program Fanáticos + de Canal 21, where the news of the national team, coach Hugo Pérez, as well as the continuity of the federal authorities, after the midterm elections. been discussed.

Regarding Selecta’s gift, Carrillo commented that the national coach wanted to close all the logistical issues, as well as meet with Brayan Gil Hurtado and his father, to start work with Select, after coming on vacation last August 2, so the work started on Wednesday.

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The team will operate in Salvadoran territory until January 19, and they will travel to Indianapolis, where they will work in sports at the Grand Park Sports Campus, a massive sports complex located near the Indianapolis Colts NFL camp. They will work two shifts with the players, to acclimatize to the weather and will travel on January 24 to columbus, For game 27 before United State. The next morning they will travel to San Pedro Sula to meet Honduras.

During his camp days in Indianapolis, there is still a chance to play a friendly match between the quartet with Indy Eleven From the USL, but this is not a certainty, according to Carrillo, who also expressed that Peru sought El Salvador to play, but the situation was complicated by requiring Blue and White to fly to Lima and then go to the United States.

“This camp and the games will cost the Federation about $200,000. We will learn about the pre-season for the first-tier players who have been called up at Selecta,” The president of Fesfut said regarding the costs involved in the January date of FIFA.

Hugo Perez, coach of Selecta, in pre-match training against Ecuador and Chile in December 2021. Photo EDH / Jonathan Funes

Regarding Hugo Pérez’s arrival in Selecta, he stated “The fans believed again, in the USA we had the Gold Cup experience against Mexico and for the first time (there) we played at home.”

He also confirmed that there will be where In the last two matches at home in El Salvador, thanks to the sponsorship of FIFA and Concacaf, who will bear the costs of its implementation, he said that three Salvadoran referees are being trained in video refereeing.

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In addition, he clarified that a study has been conducted on how VAR is implemented in the National League. “A Mexican company, which is responsible for all the stadiums, came and gave us an estimate of 5.5-6 million dollars for the implementation of the VAR, the teams had to pay the rent for the VAR, but the epidemic came and held everything, they could not pay $ 1,000 per game for the system “, claimed.

Concluding the news of the selection, Carrillo announced that for the matches against Canada and Costa Rica, the last matches of the local team, There will be a decrease in the number of tickets to be sold as well as in their cost, so that fans support the selection until the end, although the new prices and capacity of the Cuscatlán stadium will be confirmed later.

Facilities of Villa Selecta Hotel. EDH Image / Archive

Re-election in Vasvut?

When asked about his possible re-election to the Salvadoran Football Association, Carrillo responded with disappointment, although he did provide some data. “Now I am concentrating on finishing the appraiser, there will be time for that later. I think there will be a re-election of some members of the Executive Committee, and it is very likely that the next president will be there”, He said.

Personally, he considers that the goals with which he became president of Vasfoot have been achieved, such as Major Selecta reaching the Octagon Final and some selections going to the World Cup, something that was achieved with Selecta Playera.

In addition, he indicated that he hopes Hugo Perez will continue with the new federal authorities. “Professor Hugo Pérez’s work project is very interesting, positive and reliable, I do not doubt this plan and I hope that the new authorities arriving on August 1 will maintain this line, I hope the new president will have credibility in that project.”

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On other issues, Carrillo praised the work of the President of INDES, Yamil Bukele wearing a Selecta shirt. “The head of INDES gave 100 per cent compliance to Selecta Playera, and we had serious problems, because it was the government that committed to the stimulus. There was a time when Fesfut had to push that stimulus,” he said.

On the new stadium that China will build in the country, he also gave his opinion. “It is good for sports that there is a new stadium, I am happy as president of Fasfoot, because there is an interest in improving football, so that we will once again have the best stadium in Central America.”

Fans have always been loyal to Selecta at Cuscatlán Stadium. Photo EDH / Jonathan Funes

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