Viral: Children face a difficult challenge and receive congratulations from users on social networks | Instagram | football | NCZD | Sports

Funny events of people or animals are becoming a very fast trend on social networks. However, on this occasion, a video went viral showing the innate talent of a group of children who were surprised by an amazing maneuver with the ball.

In the clip broadcast by the Instagram account 433, it was noted that the youngsters from El Cambio Academy in Uganda, Africa connected 25 little heads in a row with great ease.

The challenge was to have 11 children seated in a row, while another was standing. The latter headed the ball, while his teammates had to return the ball in the same way. The complicated thing was that the ball didn’t have to touch the ground, but they succeeded.

At the end of the flight, the little boy, who was standing, put the ball in his pocket in a small arc. After overcoming this challenge, the children hugged each other warmly and celebrated. Other Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages shared the video.

In the same way, users congratulated the efforts of this group of children. “You could tell they’re very dedicated”And “Whoever perseveres wins”And “I am so glad they took on this challenge” or “When you present it, it goes well” Some comments were.

It is important to note that Cambio Academy is an African non-profit organization that seeks to help low-income children. In the same way, he encourages them to play sports like soccer to keep them away from crime.

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