Warzone ‘is creating a sensation


Call of Duty: A War ZoneAlthough it didn’t go through its best stage, it has fostered an enormous community of players. According to the numbers reported by Activision in February, Battle Royale Reach 100 million users; A brutal figure for the first year of life. But besides eliminating each other, some members of society have joined forces as well Make a very crazy idea come true.

What would happen if you gathered all the vehicles on the map in one place and detonated them at the same time? Well, that was an occurrence Marley ThirteenA YouTuber who organized an entire game to check it out. The goal was to see a massive blast, the largest explosion in battle royale history – so far. However, participants did not expect that Call of Duty: A War Zone They could not bear such an event.

In the video below you can see that 150 players have teamed up to bring dozens of vehicles, including helicopters, to the same point in Verdansk. After completing the assembly process, the players aired their strikes in the area to detonate it. The result: a massive explosion of the vehicles simultaneously. The problem is that after a few seconds, War zone Completely broke.

Yes, the game’s server couldn’t survive the explosion. The error message does not specify the causes nor does it present an error code, but it is clear that the heavy concentration of players in one place caused a conflict. Additionally, the server had to handle dozens of air strikes and explosions within seconds. It is an unnatural setting for the game From War zone, Of course; Even more so when it occurs in the same area.

In fact, before doing the blast, some annoyances could already be seen on the screen. He explained that Character forms are not loaded correctly. The number of polygons was greatly reduced and their materials were not loaded either. Perhaps this is due to the fact that War zone He is not ready to tackle 150 players at one point in Verdansk. After all, the map is huge and players are spread out on stage at the start of the game.

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