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Defense and justice vs. Palm trees Live on the Internet | On April 7, another passionate first leg of the Recoba Sudamericana 2021 tournament will take place at 8:00 pm (ET) in the US by beIN SPORTS. In addition, Bolavip will provide you with all the information to see this live event

Argentine club Divensa e Justicia welcomes Brazilians at Palmeiras to win enough points to move to the next stage. The rematch between the two teams will take place next Wednesday, April 14th, at the National Stadium in Brasilia.

What time do defense and justice play? Palmeiras in the USA

Defense and justice vs. Palmeiras LIVE will meet face-to-face on April 7 at 5.30pm (PDT) / 8.30pm (ET) in the US and will take place at Norberto “Tito” Tomagilo Stadium.

Today: April 7th

Time: 5:30 PM (Pacific Time) / 8:30 PM (Eastern Time)

Venue: Norberto “Tito” Tomagilo Stadium

When do you see defense and justice vs. Palmeiras LIVE in the United States

US: 5.30 PM (Pacific Time) / 8.30 PM (Eastern Time)

Mexico: 6.30 pm

Peru: 7:30 pm Lima time

Mexico: 6:30 pm Mexico City time

Ecuador: 7:30 pm Quito time

Colombia: 7:30 pm Bogota time

Argentina: 9.30 pm Buenos Aires time

Spain: 2.30am Madrid time (next day)

Spain: 1.30 pm Canary Islands Time (next day)

Uruguay: 9.30 pm Montevideo time

Paraguay: 9.30 pm Asunción time

Chile: 9:30 pm Santiago time

Brazil: 9.30 pm Brasilia time

Bolivia: 8:30 pm La Paz time

Venezuela: 8:30 pm Caracas time

Canada: 7:30 pm Toronto time

Italy: 2.30 AM AST (next day)

France: 2.30 am Paris time (next day)

Germany: 2.30 am Berlin time (next day)

Portugal: 1.30 am Lisbon time (next day)

Netherlands: 2.30 am Amsterdam time (next day)

England: 1.30 am London time (next day)

Where do you see Defense and Justice vs. Palmeiras in the USA

If you are in the US, you will be able to enjoy Recopa: Defense and Justice vs. Live Palmeiras via beIN SPORTS signal. On the other hand, if it’s outside the US, you can follow up on broadcasts on Bet365 and Bolavip, where you’ll find minute by minute and all match details from anywhere in the world.

Where do you see Defense and Justice vs. Palmeiras online and free in the United States

United States: beIN SPORTS CONNECT, beIN SPORTS en Español, beIN SPORTS

Argentina: DIRECTV Sports Argentina, DIRECTV Play Deportes, ESPN2 Sur

Bolivia: ESPN2 On

Chile: DIRECTV Sports Chile, ESPN2 Sur, DIRECTV Play Deportes

Colombia: DIRECTV Sports Colombia, DIRECTV Play Deportes

Ecuador: DIRECTV Play Deportes, DIRECTV Sports Ecuador

International: Bet365

Paraguay: ESPN2 On

Peru: DIRECTV Sports Peru, ESPN2 Sur, DIRECTV Play Deportes

Spain: Movistar +, DAZN, DAZN 2

Uruguay: ESPN2 Sur, DIRECTV Play Deportes, DIRECTV Sports Uruguay

Venezuela: DIRECTV Sports Venezuela, DIRECTV Play Sports

Defense and Justice Against Palmeiras: Possible Lineups

Palmeiras: Waverton. Marcus Rocha, Luoan, Gustavo Gomez, Matthias Vienna; Felipe Melo, Patrick de Paula (Raphael’s costume), Raphael Vega; Willian (Wesley), Ronnie, and Louise Adriano.

Defense and justice: stupidity. Rodriguez, Frias, Meza; Breitenbroch, Laraldi, Louisa, Benitez; Martinez, Bizini; Bo

Defense and justice vs. Predictions for Palmeiras in the US:

The odds set by Caliente place Palmeiras as the best home to win this match by setting odds of +145. On the other hand, the chances of a tie and a victory for defense and justice closed by only 10 points.

consequences Hot
Defense and justice +200
Necktie +210
Palm trees +145

* Fee is courtesy of Caliente.

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