We bring you bad news: if your Xiaomi device is on this list, you should consider changing it – Xiaomi News

Unfortunately, history repeats itself. After confirmation a few months agoAnd the Xiaomi has ended support time for some of its smartphonesthat is, as of today, each of them will be classified as outside their useful life for the company.

As usual from time to time Xiaomi has ended the developer program for some of its smartphones. So these will not receive more news, only those that have already been developed so far.

If you have any of these smartphones, Xiaomi will not send you any further news

In detail, Xiaomi will leave without support from today, October 31, Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G (Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite), Redmi Note 9 5G phone (Redmi Note 9T) and Redmi Note 9 4G phone (Redmi 9T). The same will happen with Redmi 10X Pro s Redmi 10X 5G phone.

Xiaomi Mi 10 T Pro

But it does not end here. The same will happen with Redmi K30S Ultraand that is Xiaomi Mi 10T s Xiaomi Mi 10 T Prolike him Redmi K30 Ultra (The model is only sold in China) and Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra.

In short, starting today, all these devices mentioned above will continue to be updated But only with new features already implemented in the development version. So he is likely to run out of MIUI 14 and Android 13, as well as all the news that Xiaomi is releasing. If you want to continue receiving new features on your affected Xiaomi or Redmi phone, We recommend that you consider changing your smartphone.

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