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Streaming platform Star+ (from Disney) has been available in Latin America since September. Photo: Courtesy of Star+.

It was one of the great launches of the year in Latin American entertainment star +., the new streaming service for The Walt Disney Company, a complementary platform for Disney +, with content Public recreation and sports aimed at adults.

If you haven’t tried it yet, this weekend you’ll have a great opportunity to do so, and best of all, it’s free. Yes, you read that correctly. it will be Free. The upgrade and its name Permit passageIt will be available at Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Brazil.

From October 22 at 00:00 in each country and until 23:59 on October 24, enjoying a large amount of content on this platform will be completely free of charge.

How to enjoy Star + for free

All you have to do is access Star + official website And sign up as a user, which means registering the payment method. This is an important point because Permit passage It will work as a short subscription to star + The bonus will be honored for 3 days, from 22nd to 24th October. You have to keep in mind that if you do not cancel the subscription, your card will be charged the monthly fee as of the 25th and you will remain as a normal user.

If you do not want to follow a file Star + . subscription via Permit passageAll you have to do is cancel it before 00:00 AM on October 25th. If you continue to subscribe, you will be charged the corresponding monthly amount for your country (Mexico: 199 MXN; Peru: 37.90 CAD; Chile: 8,500 CHIL; Colombia: 31,900 CH).

Promo star + free ticket for Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Brazil.  Crop images from Star +.

Star + Free Pass offer for Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Brazil. Image courtesy of Star+.

What can you watch for free this weekend?

In addition to seeing everything it usually offers start +, you can enjoy super fun sporting events and premieres during the campaign weekend Permit passage.

For example, broadcast matches of Inter vs Juventus and Roma vs. Napoli of the Serie A of Italy; Arsenal vs Aston Villa and Manchester United and Liverpool From the English Premier League, and the best sports programming from ESPN.

In addition, subscribers to star + This weekend, you can enjoy the movie premiere empty man, which joins the extensive bulletin board of first-run movies and movies offered by the platform; In addition to the premiere of the last episode of the tenth season of american horror story, plus all available episodes of Only Murders In The Building, and recent seasons of The Walking Dead and Grey’s Anatomy.

Content on the platform

star + is an independent service for Disney + in Latin America and primarily offers on-demand ESPN and FOX content, with series like “This Is Us,” movies like “Nomadland” and “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and animated comedies like “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy,” as well as Dozens of documentaries and original productions.

star + It plans to release 66 new content developed in Latin America between 2021 and 2022, among which are a series of different genres that will present historical, social and cultural stories in the region, such as the continuation of ‘The Walk.’, with episodes of Titãs, Andrés Calamaro and Aterciopelados.

It will also feature dramas such as Santa Evita, produced by Salma Hayek and Pepe Tamiz and directed by Colombian Rodrigo Garcia, based on Thomas Eloy Martinez’s epic book, and biographies such as the story of Pancho Villa, one of the leaders of the Mexican Revolution.

Star + regular prices in Latin America

One of the most interesting points is that subscribing to start + It can be combined with it Disney + In a product to be called Combo + This allows you to save compared to individual subscriptions for each service.

Those who already have an annual subscription to Disney + They can also access the commercial benefit of Combo +.

de . subscription prices start + And Combo + They are as follows:

  • Argentina: 1 star + 880 Argentine pesos | 8.800 Argentine Pesos Star + Annual | Combo + Male 995 Argentine Pesos

  • Mexico: MXN $199 Star + mensual | 1,999 Mexican Pesos Star + Monthly | Combo + men worth 249 Mexican pesos

  • Peru: CAD 37.90 Star + Monthly | 379.90 Stellar Pen + per year | Combo $44.90 + per month

  • Chile: CLP $ 8,500 star + mensual | $85.900 CLP Star + Annual | 10.500 Pesos Chili Combo + Male

  • Colombia: 31900 COP star + monthly | 319,900 Colombian Pesos Star + Annual | Combo + 38900 COP per month

  • Ecuador: $9.99 star + mensual | $99.99 Star + Annual | US $13.99 Combo + Men

  • Uruguay: $12.99 Star + mensual | $129.99 Star + anual | $1,749 Combo + Male

  • PanamaStar + mensual | $104.99 Star + Annual | US $13.99 Combo + Men

  • Costa Rica: $1,099 Star + mensual | $109.99 Star + Annual | US $13.99 Combo + Men

  • Bolivia: $10.49 Star + Monthly | 104.99 Star + Annual | 13.99 combo + per month

  • Dominican Republic: $10.49 Star + Monthly | 104.99 Star + Annual | 13.99 combo + per month

  • savior: $10.49 Star + Monthly | 104.99 Star + Annual | 13.99 combo + per month

  • Guatemala: $10.49 Star + Monthly | 104.99 Star + Annual | 13.99 combo + per month

  • Honduras: $10.49 Star + Monthly | 104.99 Star + Annual | 13.99 combo + per month

  • Nicaragua: $10.49 Star + Monthly | 104.99 Star + Annual | 13.99 combo + per month

  • Paraguay: $11.99 star + per month | $119.99 Star + annually | 15.99 combo + per month

  • Venezuela: $10.49 Star + Monthly | 104.99 Star + Annual | 13.99 combo + per month

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