We have a date with iOS 16 on June 6

We have a date with iOS 16 on June 6

manzana has been officially confirmed Dates for its annual developer conference: WWDC 2022 will take place from 6-10 June. This means, de facto, the following Key note It will take place on the afternoon of Monday, June 6 (Apple always chooses the first day of WWDC to reveal its news).

Hopefully it will be Apple’s last indirect event due to the epidemic

exactly like We recently saidthe most anticipated attraction at WWDC will be iOS 16 It is followed by iPadOS 16, macOS 13, watchOS 9 and tvOS 16. There are also rumors of hardware news with 27 inch screens We are ready for that, do not rule out surprises.

This year’s event You will continue to be online as a precaution against COVID-19while there are no variables complicating matters, the last quite remote version should be going back to something head-on in 2023. The only exception would be a small developer meeting on June 6, very conservative and controlled, to see the Key note and the event state of the union together or together.

At the office level, Apple wants to gradually adopt Hybrid business model Starting April 11th. I was A questionnaire I asked the developers if they would attend an in-person conference this year, and the outcome (or pandemic conditions) must have prompted them to remain vigilant.

For now, we have to write those days as busy in our schedules, because it would be very entertaining. wait special coverage WWDC 2022 from June 6, where we will inform you of all the news as soon as it is confirmed.

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