What Brian Castaño said after the controversial draw against Jeremy Charlo and the funny story about the blow that almost sent him off


* Interview with Brian Castaño after the fight

Brian Brown He hasn’t lost his essence and seconds after being the protagonist on an exciting evening before Jeremy Charlotte In the AT&T Center from San Antonio (USA) did a detailed analysis of what the fight was like, highlighting that the destabilizing blow in the 10th round might have ended up ruling out the possibility of winning the fight on the scorecards despite He explained that his feeling was that he succeeded after that moment.

It felt like the battle was won. I want to seek revenge right away Because the fight I know I won. He hit me with a hand or two as I felt on the round, but that doesn’t mean I won the fight. I hit him on the big hands, hit the big hands‘, reflected from the top of the ring by the official chain.

Minutes later, he went over the mobile ESPN He recounted in a funny way how he suffered that tenth round in which the fight seemed to slip out of his hands: “He threw the left cross at me and moved me, he hit me hard. I saw everything cross… my God. Everything moves: I had one eye to the right and one to the left. I wanted to straighten them and I was moving. I said I made a great camp and thanks to the movement I was able to perform well and recover. Among those hands with such strength, With a knockout like Charlo, one goes to the ground“.

The judges gave a split decision and the fight ended in a draw. Steve Weisfeld decided Castano to win (114-113), Tim Cheatham signed a draw (114-114), and Nelson Vasquez got a controversy-soaked look with a win for the local (117-111). “I was winning the fight fairly. He hit me with his strange hand on the 9th or 10th and I could feel the whole round. At the beginning of the other round he hit me with some hands, but I knew how to hold it. Fights are fights. He’s a great boxer, a strong boxer, but I have my own“, claimed.

* Brian Castaño comments on the ring

Brian also took some time to talk about the blow he took at the third and left his opponent on the brink of falling:I put a cross on the left, I think, as he felt. I gave it back to him, because in a second he called me and made faces like ‘I got in’. You ran away from me a little, I’m sorry about that. We show that we are for great things. Battles are fights. This must continue. God wants me to take revenge.”

After this fight, the 31-year-old Argentine boxer continues with his undefeated stats 17 wins (12KO) and 2 draws now. He is still the owner of the crown World Boxing Organization (WBO) Super Heavyweight He bid today with the goal of getting the three belts (WBO, WBA and FIB) that Charlo still holds.

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