What crazy! Two pilots will exchange planes in the middle of the flight

What crazy!  Two pilots will exchange planes in the middle of the flight

plane swap It is the latest “craze” organized by RedBull. Skydiving and pilots Luke Akins s Andy Farrington The aircraft will be exchanged in a project that has been in development for 10 years. It seems like a crazy challenge, but the challenge to be held in Arizona (USA), consists of two pilots, each flying their own plane at an altitude of 14,000 feet, 4000 m altitude; Then they all fall vertically to jump into the air (and yes, it will be a drone for a few seconds) and try to switch planes. All in a minute of passion, vertigo, adrenaline. like never before.

Luca Akins The 48-year-old is a commercial aircraft and helicopter pilot, double stuntman, instructor and professional skydiver; He currently has over 21,000 parachute jumps and 8,750 flying hours.

for this part, Farrington is 42 years old. It has a history directly related to skydiving. His mother made about 100 jumps while carrying him. It is one of the winged suit references in the world.

To prepare for this challenge, they spent many hours developing the specific modifications the aircraft and materials needed. They have taken the advice of an aviation engineer Dr. Paulo Iskold For the hardest part: the controlled vertical landing, which is the opposite of what autopilots are designed to do.

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