What do you expect in Amazon Prime Day 2022?

What do you expect in Amazon Prime Day 2022?

As the days go by, one of the most anticipated dates for online shopping enthusiasts is approaching, amazon prime day, The day people find interesting offers. And if you want to prepare for this event, then you are in the right place, as we will talk about dates and other rather interesting tips.

First of all, the Today’s Peak will be held in a month July, so the shopping spree is just around the corner, although the exact date has yet to be mentioned. However, some analysts and the media have speculated that it may be held between 10 and 19 From the same month, to break the brand’s custom.

It is worth noting that to participate in this day, you must be a subscriber to it Amazon Primewhich currently costs 99.00 MXN per month, but in exchange for benefits such as Prime video Free delivery for some products. In addition, with a subscription, we are entitled to these offers that appear during the celebration.

To search for the best deals, you just have to be aware of the main house of the page, because based on our interests and purchases, we will show great discounts, limited to a number of hours. So you have to be quick with your purchase, since there are items that can sell out in the blink of an eye if the deal doesn’t go through.

Last but not least, we recommend that you pay attention to the social networks of Atomics. Since we are constantly mentioning the best deals, we mainly focus only on video games, electronics, mobile phones, toys, figures and other entertainment section.

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