What does the hotel where El Chavo del 8 was filmed in Acapulco look like?


Use Google Maps, fan of El Chavo del 8 Find the hotel where the remembered episode “Vacations in Acapulco” was recorded, since the neighborhood was created by Spirit Share funny moments. Users of social networks were surprised to find that details were modified.

For example, the building was called Acapulco Continental, but since she gained fame on the aforementioned Mexican series, she changed her name to Emporio Acapulco. Every year it is visited by thousands of Roberto Gómez Bolaños fans.

Foto: Google Maps

For their part, some tourists spend one day in this place just to take pictures of the facilities where “Quico”, “La Chilindrina”, “Don Ramón”, “Señor Barriga” and Professor “Jirafales” once stayed”. Doña Clotilde and Don Ramón” and “El Chavo del 8”.

Foto: Google Maps

As may be recalled, this was the last chapter of the series to be recorded throughout the slate. Ramon Valdes and Carlos Villagrane withdrew even though Monchito was back.

Google Maps: This is what the famous Madagascar Zoo looks like

It is important to mention that in the animated films there are also real locations. For example, Madagascar is located in the Central Park Zoo where the lion Alex, the zebra Marty, the giraffe Melman and the hippo Gloria live. So a fan of this classic movie wanted to know what this animal installation really looked like and searched for it on Google Maps.

Foto: Google Maps

As it turns out, the famous Central Park Zoo is located on the east side of 64th Street, in the heart of New York City, in the United States.

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