What’s going on between Nintendo and Microsoft / Xbox? All about their shared shared plans – Nintenderos


There appeared to be rumors of hidden plans between Nintendo and Microsoft / Xbox They never stop happening. Here we bring you a small rundown on everything that has been speculated so far in recent weeks.

The truth is, these rumors are starting to circulate Almost two months ago From a live movie in which Xbox Director Phil Spencer showed a lot of things on his shelf. It is already usual for these creatures to be guides of future plans, so fans paid close attention to what was on display.

Notable characters were the Kojima Productions Ludens and the Nintendo Switch. Later, ahno one The latest podcast from GamesBeat, Journalist Jeff Group We shared that “almost everything” on Phil’s shelves means something, including Switch. To this we should add the data of a semi-popular Reddit user whose name is Chibchal Ed Where he claimed that something was going on between Nintendo and Xbox.

Fans are wondering what the two companies can reach, from Master Chief at Smash Bros. To Xbox Game Pass on Nintendo Switch, a hybrid console between the two companies, and other crazy things. We must be attentive to more details. Meanwhile, what do you think?


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