How to create your own animated WhatsApp stickers for free, easy and fast


Animated stickers came to WhatsApp In the middle of last year, But its creation was limited to several ways that were not entirely direct or not allowed by WhatsApp. Fortunately, there is now a quick and easy way to do it, which is why this is our edition of our weekly section Basics of Xataka Mexico We will know How to create your own animated WhatsApp stickers. does the magic It is the application that allows us to create animated WhatsApp stickers easily and quickly. In addition to that, it is free and allows users to download their own sticker packs so that others can download them thus increasing their collection. To create our own stickers, we must follow the following steps:

  • Download and install
  • In the main interface, we press the “+” button to start
  • We can choose between creating regular, static or animated stickers
  • If we choose “animation”, we’ll see three tabs appear with options to search for GIFs from our library, search for them in Tenor or an option for animated text.
How to Create Whatsapp Sticker Ly Animated Stickers
  • If we choose “Library”, the GIFs that we have saved will automatically appear in our gallery. For this, it’s as easy as searching in Google for GIFs on the topic we want to make our animated stickers from
  • We choose GIF for our poster, then we can edit it. Be it resizing, cropping, or even adding emojis and text
  • When done, we simply save the changes. To create a pack of stickers we need at least three stickers, but if we don’t want a whole pack, we can simply import one sticker. Click on it and choose “Add to WhatsApp”.
How to Make Whatsapp Sticker Ly Animated Stickers
  • In WhatsApp a new section will appear with the stickers created in and there we will see our new works ready for use

And that’s it xatakeros, That’s how easy and fast to create our own animated WhatsApp stickers using Use this knowledge wisely, and don’t forget to review previous versions of our section. Basics of Xataka Mexico For more useful information they didn’t know they needed.

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