WhatsApp How to change the font size in your chats

WhatsApp How to change the font size in your chats

If you are one of those who use daily The WhatsAppone of the main platforms of instant message, To keep in touch with family and friends, both through Messages, photos, videos and video callsetc., then you definitely know all the benefits that the app has.

Among the many advantages it offers is that it is automatically updated at every given time, and in this way, it is kept up-to-date. Functions and tools So that users can take advantage of it.

WhatsApp How to change the font size in your chats. Photo: fix

How to change the font size

On this occasion, we tell you how you can change the font size of WhatsApp, so that you can read and send your messages more easily, so take a note so that your conversations look different.

To change the font size, the first thing you have to do is open the app and tap on the three dots that appear at the top right. Select Settings and look for the Chats option.

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Several options will be displayed automatically, one of them is font size and click and three options will appear to choose from: small, medium and large, select the one that best suits your needs.

But if what you want is to change the font size of your phone in general, you have to do it from the Settings section, look for the option that says Screen. You should see a menu and a section that says “Advanced Options”, tap and then one of the options will appear “Font Size” among the options.

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Select the option that fits what you need, the options that should be given to you are small, default, large and larger, and at the top a text will appear showing you how it will look.

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