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It’s been doing its best to get back users who migrated to apps like Telegram or Signal, since the new privacy policies went into effect on May 15th. Specifically, this last word is what they are trying to introduce in their new updates to attract people again; Now, they are testing the “invisibility mode”, find out what this function is about in the next note.

It is a fact that , Now owned by Facebook, You implement greater security and privacy in your application; So far, it gives us a choice Delete a message for everyoneBut to achieve this, we have an estimated time of 60 minutes, if we exceed this period, we can only eliminate it for ourselves.

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Additionally, the instant messaging app recently implemented an option ‘Temporary messages’, Which will automatically delete messages from the conversation after 7 days. This action will be executed from the moment we activate the said function.

In the portal report , It was known that The WhatsApp Works on ‘Disappearance mode’, A tool that will be available in a future update and has the function of automatically deleting messages in a shorter time, whether in an individual or group conversation.

Also, the recipient will not be able to take a screenshot of the chat or multimedia files that have been sent. The only way to record these messages is to take a picture of the cell phone screen from another device.

This is how you can activate the “hidden mode” in WhatsApp. (Image: Wapita Info)

According to the method mentioned above, the way to activate this tool would be to enter and enable contact or group information. It should be noted that if a new conversation is initiated, we have to manually configure this function.

On the other hand, WABeta Info mentioned that there are changes that will be added to WhatsApp in the coming weeks, such as activating a “hidden mode” that will allow you to delete messages that are being read immediately, without leaving any traces. from anything.

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