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It is an instant messaging application that serves not only to communicate through text messages or voice notes, but also to express your feelings or emotions such as: love, joy, sadness, etc., through classic emoticons. This time, the aforementioned platform of Facebook has implemented a total of 30 new emojis, do you want to know what they are? Here we will tell you all the details.

Unicode has approved version 14.0 of the new emoji, since in Only this was found Available for users with Android 12L operating systemFor devices with a large screen, that means about 7 inches or more.

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currently, The WhatsApp It contains more than three thousand emojis present in the following categories, emojis and people, animals and nature, food and drinks, activities, trips and places, things, symbols and finally flags, but now 30 new emojis will be part of this comprehensive list.

What are the new WhatsApp codes?

Gesture emoji (Photo: Emojipedia)

insert type

Unicode approved emojis for new bisexual characters, among them: a person with a crown and a pregnant man, in addition, they added the strange green caveman, the mouth that bites his lips and many more.

Inclusion of gender (Photo: Emojipedia)
Inclusion of gender (Photo: Emojipedia)
Another list of emoticons (Photo: Emojipedia)
Another list of emoticons (Photo: Emojipedia)

Do you have a problem with WhatsApp? Do you need to report it? If you have any kind of problem, write to their contact email: [email protected] or [email protected].

Now, if you need to make a general query, you can fill out the form using this link. There you just need to put your phone number, as well as your area code, then write your message after making your identification.

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