WhatsApp prepares for 2022 and prepares new functions


The WhatsApp It is one of the world’s favorite instant messaging applications, so it is always looking to give millions of new users mission.

As happened this year when Taudio transcriptionAnd emoji To reply to chats And Connect multi-device function, 2022 will not be an exception and list more news, as the specialized site offers WABetaInfo. See what they will be!

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Instagram Reels on WhatsApp

One of the expected developments is that DrThrough WhatsApp chats, it will be possible to share and play Instagram Reels without having to go into the application, Because of the communication between the networks you deal with dead, before Facebook: WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram.

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Sign out in multi-device mode

The multi-device functionality is one of the latest novelties that have appeared in the application, such as It allows you to link a WhatsApp account simultaneously without having to always have your cell phone, and the new job that arrives is for Sign out on any device from your phone.

Delete messages for everyone but no limits

currently, The “Delete messages for everyone” function is only available during the first 60 minutes after sending the message, So the new update will allow messages to be deleted at any time to protect the users’ security and privacy.

Hide from specific contacts

One of the most anticipated improvements by users is yet to come which is The option that allows to hide the profile picture and the time of the last contact with certain contacts, so only some people will be able to see that you are ‘Online’.

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The new functions will arrive in 2022, and although there is no exact date for their arrival, it is necessary to update the application to enjoy them.

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