Android 12: Alerts users if they are spying on them through the camera or microphone

Android 12 has many security functions (Photo: GSMARENA)

the new Android 12And Played on mobile devices for a few weeks, it has many features that make it better than previous versions; However, among them one stands out will allow the user Know if it is going on to spy.

It’s thanks to them Privacy ToolsHow do you block? Google Photos, Job Quick deletion of records Navigation in Google Chrome and the Privacy Control Panel.

Among this security news for users is the dashboard located in the upper right corner of the screen, which contains an icon for a small camera or microphone that appears as specified if a device is accessed for either.

This means that I found hacker Spy on the user through camera or microphone, the user will be able to realize this immediately. Similar to computers when a small spot light on the side of the built-in camera turns on to warn that it has been activated.

Mobile phones with Android 12 beta interface (Photo: Europa Press)
Mobile phones with Android 12 beta interface (Photo: Europa Press)

In this sense, with Android 12 Both functions can be disabled. Two check boxes are available to disable full camera and microphone access from any app or service you have installed. This way, no app or service will be able to enter the permissions to use the camera and microphone.

Here are the other options that are allowed with this OS update and that are used for maintenance User safety.

Option search device It constantly sends information to Google about the mobile’s location so it knows where to get it last in case it goes missing.

If you do not want to send this data to Google, go to the section protection From Android Settings and tap the option Find my device.

Android 12 (Photo: AndroidForia)
Android 12 (Photo: AndroidForia)

upon entering find my device, You can see information on how to access it from the web. If you disable it, Google will not have the exact location of your mobile phone anymore. Of course, it is important to know that in case you decide to deactivate the option, you will not be able to find out where the mobile phone is in case it is lost.

Android is owned by google browserAnd the search engine company gets its fair share of personal data with everything it does. However, you decide what data you want to send to Google, whether from your sites or your activities.

Here, to get started, you need to enter a file Adjust Android and enter the section Privacy, where you can access various options to change these settings.

    There are several options for staying safe (Image: Home Phone Blog)
There are several options for staying safe (Image: Home Phone Blog)

In the Privacy section, if you click on the option Location record Google D, you will enter a page in your Google account settings where you can opt out of sending Google information about the sites you visit. Still in the section Privacy, if you click the option Activity Controls You will arrive at another important page in your Google account settings.

You can also click the option Usage and diagnosis, which will take you to a screen where you can choose not to send diagnostic and usage data to Google. This data contains information about Android crashes, what it was doing when they occurred and Google uses it to fix errors.

We must remember to be clear There is no complete privacy in most operating systems, and Android 12 is no exception. Additionally, consider the multiple tools that Google has and some of which are available to everyone. But that doesn’t mean there are no options to try to keep your privacy to the fullest.

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