WhatsApp: So you can hide the legend “writes”


at The WhatsApp It is common that when writing a letter, the recipient can see the caption “Writes” At the top of the chat; However, there are a few options Prevent this message from appearing.

My cellular is in airplane mode

This trick is very simple and only consists of inserting a cell phone “Flight mode”, Which means you will be left without internet.

All you have to do is enter the chat the message will be sent to and before writing Disconnect the internet from the mobile device.

After sending the text, Airplane Mode must be removed so that the signal can be restored, so that the recipient does not see the legend at any time “Writes”.

Application to enter the incognito mode

Flychat It is an app only available for Android and it allows users to put WhatsApp in stealth mode.

This application enables other people not to see if the user is online, hence the legend “Writes”.

Being an intermediary app, it causes some WhatsApp options like sending audios and images to not work.

Hidden functions you do not know about WhatsApp

The WhatsApp It has more than two billion users worldwide and There are still some hidden or unknown jobs.

The last connection disappears

To enter WhatsApp at any time, without knowing the contacts, option From “last seen” He is the ideal.

  • And A. ‘Settings’, Click “Bill” Then in “Privacy”To deactivateLast seen “.
  • You can do this with all contacts or select some.

Listen to audio recordings before sending

Review audio messages before sending them It can help avoid misunderstanding It is a hidden option for WhatsApp that works like this.

  • When recording audio, swipe up so the lock appears.
  • End your voice recording and exit the chat.
  • Go back to the chat and you will see the audio document that was not sent: you can listen to it, send it, or delete it.

Do not save photos and videos

This is a hidden WhatsApp feature It is very helpful to avoid cell phone saturation With files that are not needed.

  • And A. ‘Settings’.
  • Choose “Chats”.
  • Choose the option “See multimedia files” and deactivate it.

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