WhatsApp: The trick to listening to audio from iOS before sending it | Smartphone | iPhone | Applications | nda | nnni | sports game

WhatsApp: The trick to listening to audio from iOS before sending it |  Smartphone |  iPhone |  Applications |  nda |  nnni |  sports game

Are you worried about sending an audio clip of with some error? This can be very worrying for users as they can make mistakes many times while recording voice memos. However, if you have a file Your problems are over.

This way, you won’t have to delete it if you misspell something. Also, to apply this method of your cell phone with You don’t need to download any previous software, because you can do it the same way apps.


  • The first step is to open a file whatsapp app From you Iphone.
  • Now, enter the chat you want to send a voice.
  • Next, tap microphone icon to start recording audio.
  • In moments and without leaving the microphone, click the blue arrow in the upper left corner.
  • After that, enter the conversation again and you will see how the player appears.
  • Here you have the option to listen to the audio if you click on it.
  • Once you are satisfied with the results, you can send it to your friends.

So you can put WhatsApp on your IPHONE lock screen

  • To perform this trick, you must first download an application that creates widgets, in this case, it will be Lockview.
  • Once done, scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap Create a new widget.
  • Now, in the Select apps section, put it The WhatsApp.
  • After that, click OK and you will get the WhatsApp widget.
  • accordingly, Lock your iPhone and hold the screen.
  • From the available options, choose Add widgets.
  • Find and select the Lock View app.
  • A WhatsApp icon will appear, choose one of your choice and that’s it.

In this way, you will be able to access the WhatsApp application faster and thus save time.

How do you know if a contact has raised a status on WHATSAPP

There are several ways that WhatsApp lets you know if a user has uploaded a status in the app. We explain what they are:

1. The blue circle

This color means that an iPhone user has just uploaded a status on WhatsApp and has not yet seen it.

2. green circle

As mentioned above, it refers to the people who have uploaded the status on WhatsApp, but they are using the Android operating system.

3. Gray circle

If you notice that there are some gray circles around the profiles, it means that you have already seen the states. However, you can see it again as many times as you want within 24 hours after the user shares it.

4. Part of the gray circle

If the user loads multiple countries, the circuit will be divided into parts. If you see a gray pane, that means you still need to see some posts.

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