WhatsApp, you will not be able to forward the same message to multiple groups

The WhatsApp It is one of the platforms instant message It is used every day by millions of people around the world, whether to communicate via Messages, photos, videos, voice memos, and video callsetc.

Among its many advantages is that it is constantly updated automatically, in this way users can enjoy new tools, whether it is related to security or new functions.

WhatsApp, you will not be able to forward the same message to multiple groups. Photo: fix

WhatsApp recently implemented an option on iOS devices that prevents users from forwarding the same message to multiple chat groups at once. These properties can only be shared in one conversation at a time.

For its part, WABetaInfo issued a warning that the app added this feature in the beta version of the Android update and it has now been verified in the beta version for iOS.

WABetaInfo reportedly shared a screenshot showing a notification warning users that they cannot forward messages sent to more than one group chat at a time.

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This new tool limits message forwarding to one, that way, when a message appears as forwarded, it won’t be possible to forward it to other groups on that platform.

Those who try to forward a message will see a notification on their screen detailing that “Forwarded messages can only be sent to one group chat.” To forward it several times, you must select it and send it individually to another conversation with several participants.

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At the moment, this option is only available for beta testers of WhatsApp for Android or WhatsApp for iOS beta, but it is expected to be available to all users soon.

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