Who are the 20 participants in Exatlón Estados Unidos?

Who are the 20 participants in Exatlón Estados Unidos?

Less and less is missing from the new season premiere of Exatlón United States and before that happens, here we tell you who the 20 participants will be, whether from the celebrity squad or from the contenders.

During a press event on Friday, the reality show hosts, Frederic Oldenburg and Maricella “Shelly” Canto, introduced the participants.

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Who are the 20 Exatlón Estados Unidos participants, the celebrity team (in red) and the team of contestants (in blue)?

The celebrity team (red) is made up as follows:


  1. Johnny Magallon: He is a 40-year-old athlete, known for his football career. It was part of the Mexican Football League that played in the 2010 World Cup South Africa.
  2. Rafael Neves: A 34-year-old Mexican actor. He recently participated in the La Casa de los Famosos program. He was also a boxer. He is best known for his role as Gregory in Rosario Tijeras.
  3. Celine Valera: professional football player. He played in Lyon and Chivas and most recently as a defender for American Feminel.
  4. Catherine IbarginA 38-year-old Colombian athlete. She is the first Exatlón member to win an Olympic gold medal. Her biography indicates that she is the world and Olympic champion in triple jump.
  5. Castle Douglas: Professional tennis player, 28 years old, native to Costa Rica. He will participate with his twin brother, although the latter is in the blue team, who are contenders.
  6. Evan Fernandez: From Puerto Rico, he is a 24-year-old Professional Volleyball Player. According to data from Exatlón, he is the tallest athlete in its history. He is six feet seven inches tall.
  7. Stephanie smoker: Actress and TV presenter famous for her career in Mexico.
  8. Elsa Garcia: A 32-year-old Mexican athlete who competed in the 2012 London Olympics. She is considered the best artistic gymnast in Mexico, according to Exatlón.
  9. Marisol LandazuriAn Ecuadorean-Dominican athlete practicing athletics. He won several gold medals and participated in the 2016 Rio Olympics; And from Tokyo, 2020.
  10. Horacio GutierrezA professional fighter in mixed martial arts. He was one of the finalists on the TV show Ultimate Fighter.

Team containers (blue) It consists as follows:

  1. Elizabeth June: He is 29 years old, he is a general emergency physician and has always had an interest in sports.
  2. Aldo Times de Negres: a young Mexican from a sports-loving family. He is 22 years old and started playing football when he was four years old. He is the son of Aldo de Negres and nephew of Poncho de Negres.
  3. Stephen’s Castle: 28 years old, is the twin of Douglas Castillo, of the opposing team. He exercises gymnastics, basketball and football.
  4. Cynthia CastilloShe is 32 years old, a personal trainer and a mother of three. He played soccer and volleyball when he was in high school. She is certified as a personal trainer.
  5. Joseph KothiA well-known Mexican influencer is 26 years old. Additionally, he is a nutritionist and marketer. Practicing tennis, soccer, boxing and swimming.
  6. Aaron Matos: Young Venezuelan, 24 years old. He is a personal and fitness trainer. Practicing athletics, football and volleyball.
  7. Granton BlueShe is 22 years old, and she is an Argentine model, actress, and influencer. According to Exatlón Estados Unidos, he is interested in figure skating, a discipline for which he has won many awards.
  8. Alexandra VarelaEnvironmental engineering student. She is 26 years old and is a trainer and personal trainer. Practicing athletics, volleyball and CrossFit.
  9. Lillian Duran: Mexican, 27 years old, boxing coach. He fencing and won several competitions, but left it to focus on college.
  10. Junior Diaz: Young Dominican, 28 years old. Although he was not a professional, he has been playing baseball since he was seven years old and is currently playing softball with his friends.

When does the new season of Exatlón Estados Unidos World Edition start with 20 participants?

The seventh season of this reality show will start Monday 26th September at 7:00 pm

It can be seen through Telemundo And its broadcast platforms are from Monday to Friday.


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