Who visits my Facebook profile? So you can know


Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. Since its launch in 2007, the platform has undergone significant changes and since then it has managed to remain the most used despite the fact that today there is a lot of competition.

Almost everyone has a Facebook profile. In fact, it is very rare for someone to tell you that they do not have an account on the social network. But regardless, those who use it always have a certain curiosity to know who visits their profile.

For years, users have wanted a function that allows them to see who visits their profile on Facebook social networking site, But so far this cannot be done locally in the social network.

This time we want to show you a trick that can help you find out who visits your profile, so if you are interested, keep reading this article.

How do you know who visits my Facebook profile

There is a fairly simple trick that allows you to see which users of the social network are visiting our profile, whether they are added as friends or others who are not in your contact list.

To perform this trick, it is not necessary to install additional software on your PC or laptop. Of course, you cannot do this from a cell phone, because it is necessary to do it from a computer and using the Google Chrome browser.

You will go to your profile and press F12 or Control + U. The tab will automatically open with the Facebook HTML code. The next thing would be to hit Control + F and type this: Buddy_ID.

Next to Buddy_ID you will see some numbers, the ones you will copy and a new tab will open. When you do this, you will paste the following: Facebook.com/ (and paste the numbers you copied here). The profile of the person who visited your profile will open automatically.

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