Why activate two-step verification and how to do it


Recently there have been several cases WhatsApp account theft, act by which people enter a vulnerable state personally and their saved contacts. When this happens, users can no longer access their chats or added people, which is why you should Ensure our safety in every possible way, as with two-step verification.

It is located around a The security filter that WhatsApp has And that it can prevent cybercriminals from stealing our identity and personal information. Perhaps someone you know has unfortunately recently had their account on this social network hacked and you will know that solving it is a huge ordeal. Therefore, it is better to prevent by double checking.

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Now that we know the importance of keeping each of our social media accounts safe, we proceed to explain How to activate two-step verification in WhatsApp. It is very easy to do and we warn you in advance that you must have a very good memory, or a place where you can jot down an important piece of information.

Activate 2-step verification in WhatsApp like this:

The first step is to go to the three dots in the upper right part of the file interface Messaging app And select the “Settings” option. After that, another list of sections will immediately appear, starting with which account option should be selected.

Protect your WhatsApp account with this security filter.

Protect your WhatsApp account with this security filter. / Pexels

In the next display of information, the third option should read “2-step verification” which when selected will ask for a password that will be asked to apply this security filter to our account. The WhatsApp. Once you enter this personal password, the app will indicate that it will be requested randomly from now on.

To finish this process, you must click on Accept and Save. That is why we recommend initially to speed up your memory, because at any time when you open WhatsApp, it will ask you password what did you enterIt is best to keep it for your exclusive use and share it with anyone. In case you forgot your password, you can use the email with which you registered your account.

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Although, if you receive an email out of nowhere with the Request to reset your PIN Two-step verification or registration code, but it’s not you who asked, it could mean Someone might be trying to access our Whats account You do not have to click on the link that appears. In the event that you fall victim to a hack like this, the first step is to report our account violation and verify that you are the owner of the account.

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