You no longer need PS Plus Premium to play new PS1 classics on PS5 and PS4

You no longer need PS Plus Premium to play new PS1 classics on PS5 and PS4

Many were delighted when it was announced that PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 would receive classic PlayStation games. The problem is that it seems the only way to play it will be with an active PlayStation Plus Premium or PlayStaiton Plus Deluxe subscription. Fortunately, the reality is different.

What’s happening is that on Tuesday, February 21, 2023, the PlayStation Store has been updated to receive all PlayStation Plus Extra, PlayStation Plus Deluxe, and PlayStation Plus Premium games, as well as other news. The thing that surprised me is that there is actually another way to get new PS Plus classics outside of a subscription.

What happens is that wild weapons 2And Harvest Moon: Back to Nature And Dragon legend They are sold separately. This way, people who don’t want to pay the subscription can buy these titles to enjoy.

  • wild weapons 2 – $9.99
  • Harvest Moon: Back to Nature – 5.99 USD
  • Dragon legend – $9.99

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It should be noted that they are not the first PlayStation games that can be purchased on PS5 and PS4; However, not all games in the catalog can be purchased separately. So it’s a good idea to enjoy the three new additions to the classics catalog without being tied down by a subscription.

Does this mean that all classic games for PS5 and PS4 will be sold separately? That remains to be seen, but let’s hope so.

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