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It is a music streaming service where you can find the genre, group or artist of your choice. This platform was developed by Google and currently has two versions: Free and Premium, the first allows you to watch music videos with ads, while the second removes them, and also gives you the ability to listen to any audio clip with the screen locked.

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Did you know that you can listen to music with the screen off completely for free and without installing third-party apps? You just have to wait for next Wednesday, November 3, the day that 16.90 soles (Peruvian currency) will not be charged to listen to your favorite tracks with the screen locked, it means that the songs will continue to play in the background even if you open other apps or turn off the mobile screen.

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This decision was made so that YouTube Music competes directly with Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music apps that have already included this feature in their services, . However, many are wondering, isn’t there a premium version anymore? The answer is no, because it is not the only change, we will explain Features of the paid version with the free version that will be effective from the following month.

YouTube Music Premium

  • You can play music with the screen off without ads.
  • You can play ad-free videos.
  • Skip unlimited number of songs without ads.


  • You can play music when the screen is off and in the background.
  • Song skipping is limited and there will be ads.
  • It will be more of an audio platform.
  • You will only be able to access the videos from the homepage and Explore feeds (ads will appear from time to time).

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