Zlatan Ibrahimovic Film: When is it shown, what is it about, how to watch and show it

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Film: When is it shown, what is it about, how to watch and show it

The AC Milan striker from Sweden appears on the big screen with his own documentary, which promises to delight us with his greatness.

The world of cinema is once again delighted with the arrival of football fans Ibrahimovic under name I’m Zlatan (I’m Zlatan, in Spanish), which today honors one of the best players. The striker who made everyone fall in love with his goals and personality comes to the screen with his phone Biography.

This work has been planned since last 2017, although so far he can finally see the light. The film promises to highlight the Swede’s life off the ball, as he had to go through various situations to reach the top.

in GoalWe bring you all the details of the Zlatan documentary.

What is the Zlatan Ibrahimovic movie?

The official poster of the movie I Zlatan by Ibrahimovic

Photo: @iamzlatanibrahimovic

The story will take a tour of Ibra’s life and career; His upbringing in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Malmö, Sweden, his difficult socio-economic situation and the vices from which he had to escape to fulfill his dream of playing football.

The project is based on the racket’s autobiographical book, released nearly a decade ago, which has the same name as the movie: “I’m Zlatan.”

The actors Who brought the footballer back to life in the movie? Rachiti granite, covering the period between 17 and 23 years from Zlatan. From 11 to 13, Dominic Bajraktari Anderson plays the role of Ibracadabra.

The best thing is that Ibra himself took part in the film. This will make the text more believable.

When will the movie I am Zlatan be released?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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The Release date agreed on September 10, 2021 in all theatres.

How to see?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic |  Sweden

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To be able to enjoy the Zlatan Ibrahimovic movie, all you have to do is keep an eye on your favorite cinema to see if they will show the movie. If not, it is possible that some streaming platforms will get the rights, although this information has not yet been confirmed.


The official preview of I am Zlatan has now been released and an encouraging start.

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