Zordo Ramirez: Mazatlan seeks to be the new reference in Mexican boxing

Zordo Ramirez: Mazatlan seeks to be the new reference in Mexican boxing

In the short term, the Mexican boxer Gilberto Ramirez “Left” He wants to beat the unbeaten 50-0 mark Floyd Mayweather Jr. To gradually build his legacy in world boxing later.

“I still don’t have that advantage, but I will do it this year. My long-term goal is to become a legend and get all the titles like many champions. In the short term I want to break the record Floyd Mayweather Jr.“, Commented on ‘left-handed’ Ramirez In an interview with correspondent.

Boxer Mazatlan seeks to write his name in golden letters. already owns Unbeaten record 43-0 and won 29 of those fights by knockout.

He is on the rise in the light heavyweight category and this Saturday will be looking for a victory that could push him into a fight for the title. His German rival will be this weekend Dominique Boussel in it Toyota Arena in California, USA.

“For me, it is an honor and an honor to be here (in United State) represent Mexico And for all Latinos. “It will be a very exciting match,” he said.

“I have a psychoanalyst who helps me a lot with keeping my feet on the ground. In my workouts, I meditate, I do yoga, I do different things than many boxers, and I think that gives me an added advantage.”

In addition to maintaining the integrity of the undefeated,left-handedHe won 67% of his fights by knockout.He attributed his successes to the boxing category.

“My style is very different from the others. I like to move, I hit the body from a medium and long distance. I’m always looking for what to improve, waist movement, bouncer, more accurate hits, getting hit less,” he explained.

Will Alvarez Canelo fight against Saul?

The ‘left-handedHe’s clearly on his way to striving to conquer world titles, in the future You can cross paths in a fight against the famous multi-hero Saúl el ‘Canelo’ Alvarez.

“I think this is the fight that everyone wants to see. I have my way, he has his style and I think by the time we meet and that fight will happen,” he asserted.left-handed“.

Faced with the possibility that this contest could take place in the future to contest supremacy in the super middleweight division, Mazatlan claimed that he was 100% ready to face thecinnamon“.

“My goal is to be a world champion, and to collect titles in this division. The (AlvarezWe’ll have one, and then we’ll face each other. The question would be whether he was ready to confront me. I am very coach. You have to ask him if he really wants to fight,” were the words of boxer Mazatlan.



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