16 features in iPadOS 16 completely redesigned by Apple

16 features in iPadOS 16 completely redesigned by Apple

We highlight major design changes to the iPadOS 16 user interface.

Apple recently released the latest version of software related to operating systems for its most prominent products: iOS 16 (iPhone), iPadOS 16 (iPad), watchOS 9 (Apple Watch), macOS 13 Ventura (Mac). The company introduced a large number of very useful changes, functions and features in these iterations of software, but it did not neglect the design department, and along with these functions it also revamped and redesigned the multi-element user interface.

As usual, year after year, from iPadízate we have analyzed the ins and outs of the iPad OS 16 To choose a collection that highlights the new design of the series Visual elements and functions with aesthetic changes Which has arrived in the new version of the operating system for iPad devices.

If this happened to you like me and you are a person “Software More Than Hardware” Or just want to appreciate the art of small details, this article with new visual changes to the functions iPad OS 16 You’ll be impressed, shall we begin?

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16 features redesigned in iPadOS 16

Here is a selection of the most compelling visual changes to iPadOS 16’s features, tweaks, and features. We’ve come across everything from stylized buttons in the Home app to a new font on the Lock Screen.

lock screen

1. New printing

iPad OS 16

iPadOS 16 lock screen

We couldn’t start with another item that wasn’t the lock screen, and that’s it Apple has completely redefined the concept of the iOS 16 lock screen. Not so much with iPadOS 16, as you can’t customize wallpapers or widgets. But at least they changed the date and time font in bold and very aesthetically pleasing.

a house

2. User interface design

iPad OS 16

home app design

Apple has practically redesigned the look and feel of the Home app user interface from scratch. Most notable is General color of buttons, panels and side menu. At the same time iPad OS 15 These items were white, and are now gray with white text, regardless of whether a feature is enabled or not.

3. Wallpapers

iPad OS 16

Home wallpapers in iPadOS 16

When you first access the iPadOS 16 Home app, you’ll notice that Apple has provided a file New default wallpaper. It is a nature background in which we see the mountain and the sun at dawn. But in addition to this, various abstract, geometric and nature wallpapers are available in the home page settings. Oh, and the text order has also been changed, putting the date at the top and the time at the bottom, although these are minor details.

4. Resize button

iPad OS 16

Change home panel size

Finally, other visual changes to the Home app’s features are in a small button on the buttons HomeKit-compatible home automation accessories which enables Resizing panels Two sizes.

To use this feature in iPadOS 16, follow these steps:

1. Click on the button in the form of three dots (…) in the upper right corner.

two. Select the Edit Home View option.

3. Click on the panel of one of the buttons whose size you want to change.

5. Finally, tap on the two arrows in the upper right corner of your extension button.


5. User interface design

iPad OS 16

Weather app on iPadOS 16

Not only did the Weather app finally get on the iPad, but it did so with a redesigned. First of all, it has a lot of animations that reflect the weather conditions in each city – also found in the gadgets – and they are constantly on the move.

6. Grid panels and widgets

iPad OS 16

Weather UI Design

Apple’s weather app for iPadOS 16, Just like with iOS 15 On the iPhone, it is not divided into sections but is designed with a kind of gallery The panels are formed into a grid and very well organized Where we see all the information regarding the time of each region. And it looks amazing on the big screen of your iPad! Although we miss the ability to interact more dynamically with each panel.

7. Side menu

iPad OS 16

weather information panels

How could it be otherwise, the weather app also has its own side menu. It provides configuration options, a search engine, widgets or panels with details of weather information for each city. The best ever? The background animation of these paintings is also in constant motion It varies with time and weather conditions. Visual details add to enhance the artistic concept of iPadOS 16.


8. A button to send and schedule emails

iPad OS 16

Email scheduling

In fact, unfortunately, the iPadOS 16 Mail app has not received any major design changes. Well, not many features are implemented in iPadOS 16. But there is a small visual element that has changed from the previous version of the program, which is the button to send an email or an email. Now this It is located in the upper area, it is larger and blue. Change too much.

In addition, by pressing this button, we can access the new iPadOS 16 functions for scheduling the sending of emails.

visual organizer

9. New windows management system

iPad OS 16

Stage Manager or Visual Organizer for iPadOS 16

The Visual organizer or stage manager From macOS 13 Ventura and iPadOS 16 is a system for organizing and managing the windows of applications that users open. Aesthetically, for better or worse, it’s one of the great changes in iPadOS 16. It introduces a system in which they appear Thumbnail previews From each application running on one side and the application in use in the central area.

Unfortunately, this iPadOS 16 feature is only available on iPad models with an M1 processor or later.


10. Settings menu

iPad OS 16

The official Apple Books app for iPadOS 16 also has some cosmetic changes to its features. Its settings menu is located in the lower right corner of the iPad from which we can access themes, content, search and sharing options and it has been revamped and has a more streamlined look. We loved it so much!

11. Format Options

iPad OS 16

By accessing the Themes and Settings option from the Books menu, you will also find a small file floating list In the lower area of ​​coordination. It has been completely redesigned from the previous software version and aesthetically provides a very good coherence with the overall design structure of iPadOS 16.


12. Information and details

iPad OS 16

Picture information and details

There are no drastic design changes in the iPadOS 16 Photos app, but a series of very useful functions have been implemented, such as extracting subjects or capturing text from videos using Live Text. Now, there are interesting little details like the picture info button, which is now much clearer and more accessible.

13. Hidden and deleted albums

iPad OS 16

On the other hand, the Photos app now offers more privacy by locking hidden and deleted albums by default in iPadOS 16. Next to each album is a small lock that unlocks with Face ID or Touch ID.


14. Upload photos

iPad OS 16

There are a few changes to the user interface design of Apple’s original web browsing app with iPadOS 16 but one small detail we really liked is new floating window To upload or upload images to the web. It’s a little different, although a little bigger than we’d like.

Numbers, Pages and Keynote

15. Cooperation

iPad OS 16

Collaborate on a Pages document

Apple incorporated Notes real-time collaboration feature In Numbers, Pages, and Keynote apps so that multiple users can use it Edit content in real time. It is a very useful function and its activation is included in a very easy and non-intrusive way within the compatible applications.


16. Mark messages as “unread”


iPadOS 16 Messages app

The Messages app received some really cool features in iPadOS 16 like integration with Share play Or collaborate in real time. In addition to this, a function to delete recently sent messages and another option to mark messages as unread is also included. To mark a message as unread, you must Swipe right on a conversation And press the blue button in the image.

The coolest features of iOS 16 for your iPhone

There are several visual improvements to the design of iPadOS 16 user interface elements such as a new Activity section in Game Center or customizing buttons for Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. Be that way, that’s it The most beautifully designed features in iPadOS 16. It is rumored that the release of the new version of Apple’s operating system software Until October 2022where software engineers will fine-tune the latest details for beta releases.

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