83 Basque youth will carry out cooperation missions in Africa and America this summer

A total of 83 young people from Euskadi They were selected by the Basque government and by various NGOs to participate in 31 cooperation projects developed in Africa and America.

During this weekend, the chosen ones went to the Barria (cart) to find out their summer destinations around Two months will share with the indigenous people In educational activities, construction of water and agricultural infrastructures, new roads, health care, and welfare, among others.

More than 400 candidates, the majority of them are women

Out of 409 candidates, 83 young people were selected, most of whom are women: 66 girls and 17 boys. All of them met with those responsible for 14 NGOs are part of the projectwho explained their tasks in each of the destinations.

The 31 projects It will be held in Peru, Honduras, Mexico, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Rwanda and Uganda.

“Selected profiles of all kinds: education, teaching, sports professionals, health, agronomy, environmental sciences, music, social work, psychology, English and science teachers,” among others, explained Basque Government Youth Director, Agurtzane Llano, who attended these conferences with the Director of the Basque Agency for Development Cooperation, Paul Ortega.

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