9 Cool iPhone and iPad Features You’ll Find True Fun

9 Cool iPhone and iPad Features You’ll Find True Fun

We recommend an interesting selection of the most interesting and fun features of iOS 16 and iPadOS 16.

hardware Iphone s IPAD from Apple is completely packed with all sorts of functions, features and configuration options that perfectly complement the user experience of their software, in this case iOS 16 s iPadOS 16.

While it is true that most users are aware of it iPadOS 16 features s Highlights of iOS 16 newsIt is also true that it is practically impossible to discover all the functions available in the iPhone and iPad operating systems.

There are hidden or secret functions within the operating system that are really useful on endless occasions. Got a new iPad? Are you planning to buy an iPhone this Christmas? Then don’t miss these great features for iOS and iPadOS.

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9 amazing features for iPhone and iPad

It’s hard to pin down a definitive list that contains all the tricks and all the most interesting features. While some users will use certain features more, others will be used to others, it all depends on their respective needs. Also, as we said, there are so many features on the iPhone and iPad that it’s hard to stick to just some of them.

Send messages with special effects


Apple Messages app

There is a huge difference on an emotional level between sending a normal text message and doing it with animated effects. It is also one of the main differences between the iOS and iPadOS Messages app and the hugely popular WhatsApp Messenger app.

If you regularly use the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad, we recommend using Messages with special effects. You can send Message with bubble effect or background effect. This animation shows balloons, vibrations, confetti, spotlights, and other effects that bring your messaging experience to life.

Using message chat effects is very simple. Just hold your finger on the send button and choose your favorite effect!

Ask Siri where you parked your car

Did you know Siri knows exactly where you parked your car? It’s a very convenient feature, as easy to use as speaking a voice command to Siri.

You can activate this useful function from Settings > Maps > Show parked car. Of course, always keep in mind that the location system must be enabled.

Slide the iPhone keyboard to the side


The keyboard is on the side of your iPhone

Typing with the iPhone in your hand while walking down the street or when you’re behind the wheel – be careful, never do it while the car is running – is very complicated. Especially in devices like iPhone 14 Pro Maxwhich has a much larger screen.

Fortunately, there is a feature in iOS that allows iPhone users to swipe or drag their phones virtual keyboard to the left or right side by holding their finger on the emoji button. Perfect functionality for one-handed typing.

However, if you’re not convinced by this functionality… you always can Make the iPhone keyboard bigger Where Settings > Display & Brightness.

Use the iPad’s floating keyboard


iPad floating keyboard

In the same way that we can move the iPhone keyboard to the side, we can also access a similar function in iPadOS 16. Because typing on the iPad is also not easy, especially if you are holding the iPad Pro in the air.

In these cases, Apple allows its users a job floating keyboard (small) Activated by pressing your finger on the keyboard hide button in the lower right corner or by “tapping” the keyboard with two fingers. To exit floating keyboard mode, simply “pinch” or zoom in with two fingers on the keyboard. that’s easy!

Measure anything (or someone) with measures

It is true that, technically speaking, we are not talking about a function in the operating system. But applying measures can be very useful on countless occasions.

Application measures It will also allow you to measure a person’s height. But also a table, a device, a board… Also, the app is completely free, what more could you ask for?

Use a wallpaper in Safari

Apple doesn’t just offer possibility Customize the iOS 16 lock screenbut also provides the possibility Change the background of apps like Safari on iPhone and iPad.

This wallpaper can be customized with any image from your photo albums and appears when you open Safari or when you open a new tab. Oddly enough, this option is not configured from settings, but rather Directly from Safari by clicking on the “Edit” button at the bottom and in the “Background Image” panel.

Make use of your iPhone’s flash to see your notifications

How to activate iPhone notification flash

Flash on iPhone notifications

iPhone users who want to make their notifications more relevant have a chance Use the camera’s LED flash light from their smartphone every time they receive a notification.

You can activate this function from Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Flashing LED Warnings.

Relax with background sounds

Activate background sounds on the iPad

Background sounds on the iPad

Apple just didn’t implement macOS Background Sounds feature, also on iPhone and iPad, and for some time now. The truth is, it’s a true gem of a job! A must for any user who needs to take a break and relax with ambient nature sounds or white noise.

You can enable background sounds on your iPhone and iPad Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Background sounds. There are rain sounds, ocean sounds, broadcast sounds, white noise sounds, pink noise sounds, and brown noise sounds.

Share moments with real-time collaboration


Real-time collaboration from Notes.

Recently Apple Expand the benefits of real-time collaboration From Notes to other apps like Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. This is a really useful feature that allows iPhone and iPad users to do so Share and collaborate on content in real time With friends and family.

It’s especially useful and fun to use real-time collaboration to share shopping lists, restaurant suggestions, work projects, and more. Without a doubt, a highly recommended feature.

These are the new changes that are coming to the App Store soon

Even here More interesting functions to use on iPhone and iPad With iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. But there’s a lot more!, and if not, take a look at This selection of messaging features What should you use in your day to day?

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